I hope you can join us for the closing of "Then She Did" curated by Lori Zimmer and Melissa McCaig-Welles on Sunday, April 8th from 2-4pm  and a panel discussion about the BS of being a woman in the art world. Panelists include:  famed hip-hop and punk photographer Janette Beckman, sensual surrealist Joanne Leah, modern day riot grrl photographer and film maker Katrina Del Mar, painter of the gorgeously grotesque Allison Sommers, graffiti and street art maven Indie184, symphonic abstract painter Vicky Barranguet and infrared video pioneer Marne Lucas. Other artists from the show, as well as the curators (me!) will also be on hand. 

I'm thrilled to welcome the amazing Sarah Potter  as moderator! I met Sarah in the gallery world over a decade ago, and she has since created an entirely magical (and impressive) niche for herself. She combines her passion for modern-day mysticism, spirituality,  the occult and color magic (I've taken her classes, they are amazing) with curatorial projects and art consulting, adding a mystical and meaningful layer to the collections she helps to build.